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Creol Picked The Plantain

This vegetable that I enjoyed so much when I was a child, especially as Fried plantains. Some nights when we were yearning for some comfort food, my mother would be preparing a> Plaintain Porridge. Apart from these possible recipes, there are tons of ways to serve plantains.

Unlike sweet bananas, plantains must be cooked to be eaten. Very popular in the West Indies, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa and the Creole regions, plantains can be served fried, boiled, steamed, baked or broiled. Even as chips!

However how ripe they are, plantains can be cooked. The greener it is, the firmer it is. It is an excellent substitute for potatoes on your plate. The more yellow/brown it is and the more ripe it is, and the more sweet it tastes. At this stage it can be served as an appetizer or a delicious entrée. Apart from his delicious side, plantain is a nutritious food as shown by our table of nutrition facts.

Take a look at our some recipes:

Fried Plantain
Plantain cod Bites
Plaintain Porridge
Plaintain Chips
Plantain dosa crepe
Fried plantains with rum
Relleno de Maduros (Stuffed Plantains)
Plantain Rolls

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