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KreyolCuisine includes recipes from various Creole cultures. From Louisiana, to Haiti and taking a walk through the Seychelles, not to mention the countless other Creole colonies established during the many European explorations.


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Epis Ayisyen (Haitian Seasoning Base) recipe

Epis Ayisyen (Haitian Seasoning Base)

A blend of onions, garlic, herbs, and other spices which is a used in nearly all Haitian food. Many Haitians keep a jar in their refrigerator at all times. It can even be added in recipes that do not call for it specifically.
Pita Chips recipe

Pita Chips

Nothing is easier to make. These pita chips are a great start to a healthy snack.
Cool Mango Salsa recipe

Cool Mango Salsa

This fresh salsa recipe is very easy to make with very few ingredients. It makes a healthy side dish with tortilla chips and great to with a fish dish.
Caramelized onions recipe

Caramelized onions

We all love caramelized onions for their deep, sweet flavor. But South Americans give them a twist making them more than just toppings but the starting point of your meal. Try them atop sandwiches, tossed into salads or baked on your homemade pizza.
Garlic tea recipe

Garlic tea

Better known amongst Haitians as Té Po Lay, this hot brew is very effective in relieving stomach pain, especially bloating. This recipe only calls for the skin of the garlic and not the actual garlic.
Guacamole Cubano recipe

Guacamole Cubano

Use very old or mature avocados. The guacamole will be much more tasty, of course, provided that there is no rotten part.
Coconut and LS Cream macarons recipe

Coconut and LS Cream macarons

Light and delicate, these macarons are reminiscent of the exotic flavors and the familiar fragrance of the Haitian Kremas.
Spicy LS Coco recipe

Spicy LS Coco

This recipe is from LS Cream website.
LS DAZS recipe


This recipe is from LS Cream website.
Plantains Pizza recipe

Plantains Pizza

A pizza where plantains replace the traditionaldough that can be be done fairly quickly. And omittingthe prosciutto, you get a delicious 100% veggie pizza.
Pomegranate syrup recipe

Pomegranate syrup

The syrups sold in stores are not always the "real deal".Reading the list of ingredients will convince you that doing it yourself is the best thing to do.
Caribbean chocolate cake  recipe

Caribbean chocolate cake

Make this your go to chocolate cake. It is also very simple to make cupcakes with this recipe.

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