The dosa is typical of southern India, made with rice and plantain. The mixture can be prepared the day before to make the pancakes more quickly for breakfast.

Plantain dosa crepe


2 cups rice
2 plantains, ripe,peeled and sliced
Brown Sugar


Soak rice in warm water for at least two hours. Once properly inflated, remove the water.

In a food processor, reduce the slices of plantain along with the rice, a pinch of salt and brown sugar to taste. To obtain a uniform and smooth paste, add enough water as you go.

Warm up a large skillet over medium heat with a little oil. Quickly pour the value of 2 large spoonful of batter and spread evenly to obtain a thin pancake (from center outwards). Cook 2 minutes then flip. Cook well and remove from pan.

Serve with your favorite syrup or mango sauce.

It's delicious.

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